For some, music starts and ends with playing your instrument.  

For the rest of us...that's just the beginning!  

Effects pedals, order of pedals, amplifiers, instruments and even the strings you use can make all the difference in unlocking secrets of your favorite songs or developing your own personalized sounds. I often incorporate some level of insight to tones and sound production techniques into my regular instrument lessons, but advanced professional musicians and beginners alike can benefit from focused tone shaping instruction.

Whether you are looking to better understand the gear you own, figure out how to duplicate a mysterious guitar tone from a song, or lie awake at night dreaming of sounds you have no idea how to make, I can help you! From my background of deep research and hands on exploration I have developed a vast knowledge about effects and tone shaping. I can help you with getting the most out of your gear or planning for the future of your sound.  

Depending on your needs, tone shaping lessons can cover the following plus more:

  • How to get the most out of the gear you own.
  • Signal chain/order of pedals.
  • Pedal board design and assembly.
  • Detailed understanding of analog and digital effects.
  • Tone replication of your favorite music. Close listening.
  • How to utilize a looper.
  • Gear maintenance. 

I offer these gear driven and focused lessons as one-offs or on a regular basis.  

CONTACT me for more info and to schedule an appointment.

Equipment in my arsenal past & present

Effects Pedals:

Fulltone GT-500, Big Muff, Tube Screamer (and variations of), Boss Metal Zone, MiniFooger Drive, Tychobrahe Octavian, EHX POG/POG2, Tychobrahe Parapedal, EHX LPB-1, EHX Graphic Fuzz, MXR Dyna-Comp, EHX Super-Ego, Small Stone Phaser, Mooger Fooger 12 Stage Phaser, ADA Flanger, Ernie Ball VPJr, MiniFooger Ring, Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator, Biyang AD-9, TC Electronic Nova Repeater, EHX #1 Echo, Boss HR-2, Whammy, Boss DM-2, EHX 2880, and many, MANY MORE...

Amplifiers and speakers:

Fender Vibro Champ, Pro Reverb, Twin Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Princeton Reverb, Musicman HD 130, Musicman 65 212, RC Davis Blackface Clone, Marshall Super Lead 100, Sunn Concert Lead, Fender Mustang I, Marshall 1960 75 watt 4x12, Marshall 1960 Vintage 30 4x12, 1x12 Jensen Jet, etc...


1979 Gibson "The SG", Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar, 1962 Fender Jaguar, Electra X270, 1966 Harmony Bobkat, Various Stratocasters, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson Marauder, Larivee L-03, Martin OM-18GE, etc...