Do you teach kids?

  • Of course! Kids are the future and they're super fun to teach music to.  I take pride in my ability to relate to and communicate with kids of any age.  A lot of teachers resist working with kids because they might not already have a healthy interest in music.  Not the case here.  I'm endlessly patient and love to help guide kids to that magic moment where it clicks and they love music!  Kids under 7 will be considered on a case by case basis.  I've never turned anyone away, but I might suggest a 30 minute lesson.  

Do you teach adults?

  • Of course!  I realize that consistent scheduling and practice can be difficult as an adult.  All I ask is that you be real with yourself about what your life can accommodate and to be communicative with me about your needs.  We can always work out scheduling issues in advance.  I can also lend tips for how to keep music a part of your hectic or busy schedule.  It is possible to integrate playing an instrument into any lifestyle.  It is my goal to help you achieve that.

Do you travel for lessons?

  • Currently, that's all I do!  And at no extra charge.  I am currently serving Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village, Los Feliz, and surrounding areas.  If you are outside of that range, just ask.  I'm sure we can work something out.  

Should I start with acoustic or electric?

  • Either is fine.  The mechanics are essentially the same on either type of instrument.